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Most people ask this question,” Can I use lower wattage charger for my laptop?” the answer is” No,” but when we lose our laptop chargers during work or forget to pack them with us then in this case, people use chargers with other powers or lower wattage for their laptop charging. Still, it is not good for laptops as they will need more power for their energy. The availability of the original one is not possible, so that the available one will be your tool at need. In the long run, it will badly affect the laptop’s performance.

There are two types of chargers, high wattage and lower wattage, and a person will use the one which will be easily accessible. Working with high wattage will be better than the lower wattage because it is safe. Using a charger specifically designed for your laptop model is important, as it will provide the correct power to charge the battery and control the device.

Dangers of using lower wattage chargers

Working with lower-wattage chargers results in a fuse in an energy bank.
Harm the other devices of the laptops.
The battery would not work properly and expire rapidly.
Overheating problem arises.
The performance of the computer will be compromised.
The motherboard might be fused.

How to use lower-wattage chargers without damaging the laptop

Only when your computer is fully charged and you want to preserve your charging can you use the lower-wattage chargers, but it would be recommended to avoid their use.

What does low power charger mean?

A low-power charger is a charger that requires low power for the recharging of the devices. The traditional 5 W or 10 W are the powers that use 5V of the voltage itself, and it usually sticks to it. They are poles apart from the faster chargers, which can operate above 20W or at 9V or 12 V.
Best for the battery health
Ensure the long-term performance
Time-consuming than faster chargers

How to know what charger your laptop needs

Every laptop has a manufacturer name and its model name, which helps you know what charger you need. First, you have to explore “RUN” or “run.exe” and continue with “dxdiag” as it brings up windows accompanied by 4 plus panels related to your laptop.
Search for ‘[manufacturer],[model] and charger,’ which shows the work of it.
65W chargers are usually enough for most laptops, but if you have AMPGPU or Nvidia installed, you should go for the 90W chargers for better performance.
Always search around for the best charger for your laptop, as it will be the base of your laptop’s performance because when it gets efficient power, it will give the expected results.
You can also look at your charger output voltage, called DC voltage. You can also check your laptop manual for the power voltage requirement.
Look at the current charger: Your current charger for your laptop will have the voltage and amperage information printed on it, which will help you know what charger you need.
Check the laptop’s battery: Your battery will have the voltage and amperage information printed on it, which will help know what charger you need.
Contact the manufacturer: If you are still looking for the information you need, you can contact the manufacturer of your laptop directly, and they will provide you with the information on the correct charger for your computer.

It’s important to note that using an incorrect charger can damage your laptop or even be a fire hazard, so it’s always best to use a specifically designed charger for your computer.

Can we use a 65w charger for a 90w laptop?

Generally, using a 65w charger for 90w laptops is not recommended, but if the voltage output is the same, then there is no issue with its use.
90w at 19.5V provides 4.6 Amps
65w at 19.5V provides 3.3 Amps
Using it with the adapter will prevent overheating and further damage the device. Usually, it is seen that using 65w instead of 90w does not cause any problems; it just charges 20-30% slower than 90w, and it does not affect the battery life span.

 65w charger instead of 45w

There is a frequently asked question “Can I use a 65w charger instead of 45w”.
So the answer is “Yes” until the same voltage is required. Utilizing the higher-wattage charger is usually safer than the lower-wattage.
Charges the battery faster
The laptop will consume the current during work
Both charges have the same voltage
AC adapters can be helpful
Ensure the maximum current, voltage and voltage polarity; if they are okay, you can use this charger. The voltage on the laptop and the charger should be the same.

 45w charger instead of 65w

“Can I use a 45w charger instead of 65w? “yes,” you can use it, but it will be a slower and time-consuming process. If one is using a laptop during the charging, it may not get charged due to low wattage, or it may start discharging, resulting in more power consumption. In some situations, the lower workload will not produce any problems. The difference between 45w and 64w is less in wattage, and the real issue comes when there is more difference in volts. It is usually advised to use 65w, but if there is no other available charger, then 45w will do the work.
It depends on the specific application and the device that is being powered. A lower-wattage bulb or power supply will result in less energy consumption and potentially lower heat output. Still, it may need to provide more power to operate the device properly. It’s best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or specifications for the device in question to determine the appropriate wattage.
In conclusion, a lower-wattage charger for your laptop is not recommended. Laptops require a specific amount of power to function properly. Using a charger with less wattage can prevent the battery from charging fully or even damage the battery over time. For the laptop’s best performance and longevity, it is important to use a charger specifically designed for your laptop model. This will provide the correct power to charge the battery and control the device. In short, it’s always better to use recommended adapter/charger supplied by the manufacturer to ensure the safety and longevity of your device.


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