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The answer to this question may vary, but first of all, we need to know what it is a watt is the rate of electric energy consumption when a potential difference of 1 volt is supplied to a device. It returns or further provides 1 ampere of current.
Different laptops consume different energy or watt. It depends on many factors, Some of which are described below.


Laptop size matters the most in power consumption. A laptop with a 15- or 14-inch length may consume about 60 watts of energy on average when plugged in for about 6 to 7 hours.A laptop larger than the 14-inch, for example, the 17-inch notebook, may consume about 70 watts in the same time frame.
In the same manner, an 11-inch laptop will consume about 50 watts. There is another thing that you should consider carefully, and that is the output that is printed on the laptop charger adapter. It gives one the basic outlook or information that this laptop will provide maximum production or capacity.
One factor that controls a laptop’s watts is its charger.
Regular laptop chargers have a capacity of about 90 watts, but the newer ones, which are a little bit light and are without HDD, are normally rated at 180w.

Electricity consumption

Consumption of electricity by laptops mostly depends on their usage. It can use less amount of electricity and can also consume a greater amount depending upon its usage. So, some basic usage modes are:
You are charging a laptop when you are not using it, and then it will set it to maximum capacity at a rapid rate. The exhausted battery will be charged quicker than the storm, which is nearly complete, so it certainly matters how much the laptop is already charged.
If you are using the laptop while it is being charged, then because it is being used as well and there is consumption and charging simultaneously, that’s why it will take longer to charge the laptop, and it will consume a greater amount of watts.
If you have a laptop of 14-15 inches, it will take about 60 watts, so that the charger will work at approximately 2/3 power but not 100 percent.

Let us suppose that you are using your laptop for about 12 hours a day, so you should calculate how much electricity it will consume; so first, we need to specify the conditions under which it is being used.
If you are using your laptop and doing nothing, it only shows the desktop, and then it will consume about 5 to 10 watts or approximately 0.06kwh to 0.12 kWh of energy.
Suppose you are running a browser, doing some low-level word processing, watching movies, and doing other general things. In that case, it will consume about 10 to 15 watts of energy, and in terms of what, it will amount to about 0.12 kWh to .18kwh of energy.
If you are using your laptop for gaming, it will consume the most energy, its charging time will increase significantly, and it will cost you a lot of watts.

Laptop vs. Computer

It is a question that comes to mind which device consumes more energy, a laptop or a computer?
The answer to this question is mostly computer because, in addition to running the main machine, the computer also requires a different screen to show the display, which effectively doubles the electricity cost. On the other hand, laptops consume less energy because they have their screen attached to them and their main machine, so they consume less power.

Laptop capacity

If it is the case that it takes a laptop a lot of time to charge, then either it has a larger battery or a same capacity battery. Still, in either case, it becomes bothersome for the user to use it because it halts the basic purpose of a laptop or because it should be used instead of computers.

Heat factor

Another reason laptops are limited to consuming fewer watts is the heat factor. Laptop can’t dissipate a greater amount of heat than their counterpart and has smaller fans. You can not manufacture a 120-watt laptop because you can not dissipate this large amount of energy. Heat dissipation is a huge factor. Otherwise, it would damage your computer to a greater extent.

Charger capacity

As already explained, laptops have a charger that has greater capacity than they consume; you may wonder why that is the case; the answer to that question is if you are using a computer that uses about 45 watts of energy and it has a charger of 90 watts, and you are using it as well then it may consume the 45 watts to charge the laptop and remaining to provide the full-screen output to a person.
On the other hand, desktop computers may consume more energy, like 150+ watts.

Role of model:

A laptop’s wattage can vary depending on the specific model and usage. On average, a computer will use between 20 and 50 watts of power.
It is important to note that laptops are designed to conserve energy, so the wattage used when the laptop is on standby or in sleep mode will be significantly less than when it is actively in use. The amount of power computer services can vary depending on the model and usage, but on average, it will use between 20-50 wat.
In comparison to a desktop computer, a laptop generally uses less power. A desktop computer typically uses 100 and 300 watts, which is more than a laptop. Because a laptop is portable and energy efficient, while a desktop computer is designed for more powerful and intensive tasks; however, it is important to note that the specific wattage used by a desktop computer can vary depending on the components and usage.

In summary of this whole discussion , a laptop will generally use less power than a desktop computer because it is designed to be more energy efficient. However, the wattage used by both devices can vary depending on the specific model and usage.


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